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Our Staff

We are happy to have a full staff of Marshalltown citizens. People that are committed to this community and its people. Your friends and neighbors, they are hard working, professional, and attentive and look forward to providing you with exceptional dental care.

  Karen is one of our dental hygienists. She has worked as a hygienist for 25 years, prior to which she was a dental assistant and medical transcriptionist. She received her dental hygiene education from Des Moines Area Community College. She works hard with patients to make sure they leave with clean teeth, as well as education in oral hygiene instruction and disease prevention.

  Karen has two adult children, Ashley and Alex. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, shopping, reading, walks, watching her son play sports, and spending as much time as possible with her children. She is a self-proclaimed CHOCOHOLIC :)


 Kelly is a dental assistant, and was born and raised in Marshalltown. She graduated from Marshalltown High School in 2001 and the dental assisting program at Marshalltown Area Community College in 2006. She has previous experience working in a pediatric dental office in Des Moines. We are so happy to have Kelly and the specialty experience she brings!

  Kelly and her husband Aaron have a son Devin and daughter Raegan, along with two children from Aaron's previous marriage, Ashley and Alex. Kelly likes spending time with her family and going for walks!



 Berenice is our newest full-time hygienist. She is a Marshalltown native and was part of the MCC Assisting program and then went on to hygiene through Indian Hills Community College. She has a passion for patient care and really enjoys educating patients on best dental practices. We are lucky to have her expertise and caring personality at the office!

  Berenice enjoys going on jogs with her dog Camila, hanging out with her husband, Cesar, and trying out new crafts with her Cricut. Berenice and Cesar have a little girl, Isabella.  ¡Berenice habla español! 



 Mallory is a dental assistant. She went to GMG High School and graduated from Marshalltown Community College in 2019. She currently lives on the edge of Marshalltown. Her kindness towards patients makes her a tremendous asset and we are so happy she is on our team!   Mallory enjoys horses, the rodeo, and going out to eat. She likes spending time with her dog, Axel, and her boyfriend, Devan. 



   Bethany is our receptionist and also a registered dental assistant. She is knowledgeable about insurance and will help you understand and maximize your benefits, all with a smile!

   She enjoys golfing, shopping, craft fairs, and spending time with her family including son, Jaxon. We are so excited for the experience and positive attitude she brings to our front desk!


  Anna is a registered dental hygienist. Born and raised in Marshalltown, she went on to receive her hygiene education from Des Moines Area Community College. Anna has always been interested in teeth and is passionate about patient education. She works hard to make sure patients have the best care possible while in her chair.

   Anna enjoys working out, hanging out with her family, and spending time with her friends. Anna and her husband Andy have 2 boys, Owen & Charlie.


  Emma is a graduate of the MCC dental assisting program and currently resides in Marshalltown with her husband Fortino and their three children: Eli, Maky, and Emmett. She brings to the office a positive attitude and experience working with kids. She enjoys the farmers' market, walks and movie nights with her family, crocheting and learning to knit. ¡Emma habla español!


   Mackenzie is a graduate of the MCC dental assisting program, and also has a hospitality degree from Iowa State. She is also a Marshalltown native. She enjoys learning about dentistry and making appointments fun and easy for her patients - she loves to talk! Her hobbies include concerts, golfing, board games, thrifting, slow-pitch and thriller movies. 

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